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"The awesomely powerful Megatron is, in many ways, a fallen hero. He rose up from the oppressed lower working castes of Kaon to become a champion in the region's illegal deathmatches, cast aside his designation of D-16 and took the legendary name Megatronus as his own. He called for an end to Cybertron's decrepit caste system and told the downtrodden that freedom of self-determination was the right of all sentient beings!

But absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Megatron's Decepticon revolution; like many such movements, ended up becoming a whole new tyranny. Powerful, charismatic, violent, and full of rage for any who would stand in the way of his ambition and drive, Megatron brought Cybertron past the brink of destruction. Now he and his former brother-in-arms Optimus Prime fight on other worlds. Megatron will never forgive Optimus for "betraying" him, stealing from the Council the rank of Prime which was rightfully his. He has reserved for his old friend the greatest honor possible: glorious death at his hands.

Megatron has been gone for three years, but now he's returned. He's brought the monstrous Dark Energon to Earth, and quite possibly left his sanity in space."

(Comments made on this page will be taken as a conversation through a communication link. Attempts to attack, hug, or in general godmod and be a dumbass will be reported as spam and possibly get you blocked. I also do not want to hear any arguing about who is the true Megatron. I find it childish that I have to look like the ass here when some of you are the ones that need to grow up and learn some manners and common courtesy both as a person and in a roleplay. If you disregard these rules and feel hurt and offended, it's on you. You can find me in my own chatroom or at OnBoardNemesis.)

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TF-Brawl Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
"Lord Megatron, sir!" Brawl approached before the Tyrant, saluting and kneeled down before him in a bowing-like position. "I have some good news to report, sir. My old teammate, Vortex, has just arrived aboard the Nemesis. He told me Onslaught is also alive and well somewhere on Cybertron, my Lord. Us Combaticons might actually reunite again soon and return Bruticus online."
Megatron-TFP Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Brawl ... This is indeed good news. A powerful combiner on the field once again would do well for our forces.
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5unburst Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
*Video message activated* A large gloss black flyer resembling a samurai is in the veiw of the cameraand does a long and low bow "Lord Megatron, This is your new recruit speaking, I must thank you for assigning me to an officer so quickly. I have already  acquainted myself with several of your crew. If I may say so myself. it shall be an honor serving in your powerful army, Sunburst out.  *Video message finished*
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